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HoviTron aims at providing Holographic Vision (=Hovi) in Tele-Robotic OperatioN (=Tron) conditions. A typical application is the remote control by a tele-operator of a robot arm that manipulates objects in hazardous working environments.

Our Technology

To this end, an array of static cameras are set up around the scene of interest that are processed before virtual viewpoints to the scene can be synthesized to feed the Head Mounted Display (HMD) that the tele-operator wears. For each of his/her head positions, the corresponding images are synthesised (electronic pan-tilt) to feed the tele-operator’s HMD that provides Holographic Vision to the scene: the tele-operator’s eyes focus and accommodate correctly to the object of interest he/she is staring at, ensuring visual comfort and less fatigue in already harsh tele-robotic working conditions.

Video Camera Lens


Computer Processor


Image by Hammer & Tusk



User Tests

First of its kind, truly 3D light-field vision system combining light-field image capture and light-field head-mounted display (HMD)

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